Zodiac Futura Fastroller 4.2,inflatable, Rib Boat, Excellent + Superb Outboard For Sale – 2495.00

Filed in for sale by on June 16, 2016

I really don't know what to say only fantastic zodiak futura + outboard, very reluctant sale, not a repair of any kind on rib, extras front holdall removes in seconds, carry's everything anchor, towels, life jackets etc, the way a futura is made they get on the plain really well, GO ONLINE AND LOOK FOR YOURSELF, FANTASTIC INFLATABLE, WHEELS FIT + REMOVE IN SECONDS. I owned a YAMAHA rib with new yamaha two stroke outboard hard floor before the ZODIAK i'll not go back to hard floor air deck is way better smother lighter, Suzuki DT 28 outboard old but like new very well looked after, this model has proven to be outstandingly reliable, you still see lot's of this type of outboard in all hp's still running well' GREAT ON FUEL' I WOULD LIKE TO ADD THIS ENGINE WAS RUNNING GREAT ALL LAST SUMMER' THE MAJOR SERVICE WAS DONE' NOT BECAUSE OF ANY PROBLEM BUT SO THAT IT KEEP'S RUNNING GREAT' ONLY NOW IT'S BETTER' This winter it had, New piston rings, main bearings, crank seals, gear seals, carbon one piece reed valves, spark plugs, cylinder head skimmed, outboard parts painted while stripped with 2 pack paints, all new gaskets water impeller, brand new performance propeller £125 FROM GERMANY, I will include in the sale another complete engine gasket set and water impeller, plus spare propeller AND YES YOU CAN STILL BUY PARTS FOR THIS ENGINE, parts are better prices in USA they love these old engines, I HAD NO INTENTION OF SELLING THIS BOAT THAT'S WHY I DID ALL THE WORK ON THE ENGINE, just to put your mind at ease over all the engine work done in the 1980's i was a champion motorcycle racer and engine tuner my bike's held lap and race record's on all tracks raced on, so be assured this work has been done well' GOING BACK TO WHY I'M SELLING TIMES AND CIRCUMSTANCES CHANGE, PLEASE NOTE THE ZODIAK FUTURA FASTROLLER 4.2 COST.S £3995 ON IT,S OWN WITHOUT ANY EXTRAS, it can be deflated rolled up and put in boot of your car and taken anywhere, Trailer is included in sale, mobile 07443619044 home 01726 850868 (( IF YOU DO NOT NEED THE ENGINE I WOULD SELL THE RIB + TRAILER WITHOUT THE SUZUKI OUTBOARD, THE OUTBOARD IS NOT FOR SALE ON IT'S OWN, I'D LIKE TO KEEP IT' PRICE WITHOUT ENGINE £1795 ))

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