Wetline 220 Rib Boat And 15hp Outboard Dinghy For Sale – 850.00

Filed in for sale by on June 26, 2016

Ok you are looking at my little toy. This is not for the fainthearted it is 2.2 Meters long and is rated for a 5hp outboard but I have put a 15hp 2 stroke outboard on it!!!!!!! It will do around 20-24 knots depending on your size and weight. I had it on davits on the back of my Fairline Targa 37 which is why I went for the 2 stroke as it is a lot lighter than the 4 stroke. When I got the engine it had come of a 12 foot familyboat which a grandad oust to take his grandchildren out on but was never used so I then got it. It comes with the remote controls as well as the hand control that as far as I know has never been used. The trailer had been used for a jet ski that I had but I got rid of that and kept it as it fitted the little rib better. I put new brings in and new wheels on a couple of yeas ago and has not really used since. The trailer fitted on the marina pontoon so has not been in the water since fitted. The trailer could do with a new jockey wheel if you are going to use it a lot. The boat has been sat next to the house for 2 years now, I winterised the engine before I played it up and it started second bull today. Runs with out a problem, pumps water well and gears are all fine. There is still the rear lifting strop in the boat if you want to use it with davits. The cover was made for the boat and is all good just could do with a bit of a clean. I have washed the boat and engine down today but as you see there are some light blue marks on the tubes that may come off with some elbow grease or bleach but I have not had time to do this today. I have tried to describe it all as well as I can, all I will say is who ever gets it will love it. It will pull up a knee board as you can see from the pictures but I don't think it will do a wake board or skier but I have never tried. Good luck Richard

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