Rib Boat18ft Bwm Deepsea 18 Twin 60 Mariner Outboards For Sale – 4500.00

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An 18ft twin engined BWM RIB, complete with CLH Braked trailer & all-over cover. Commissioned in 1997, the RIB has always had the 2 x Mariner 60 HP 2-stroke outboards, they have consecutive serial numbers. A brief Timeline of the RIB since my ownership. 2010: Purchased in Feb. Engines had a full Service by M Jones Marine (Mariner Dealer)2011: Interim service completed by myself (Spark plugs, in-line particle filter & gearbox oil changed) New battery fitted2012: Port engine fixed (new Stator & CDI) and both engines serviced by M Jones Marine New road trailer purchased from CLH Trailers.2013: Interim engine service, same as 2011 Deck removed (due to rotting), Re-Decked by GRP Moulding Ltd. New Console (from Ribeye) Custom Jockey Seating (GRP Moulding) New Fuel tanks (2 x 42l), fuel gauges, fuel lines & water separators filters. New Icom VHF, Metz Aerial & cable. New battery fitted2014: Both engines fully serviced by M Jones Marine Trailer serviced by CLH2015: New battery fitted The RIB is set up so that the engines are completely independent, each has their own battery & fuel system. The RIB will do close to 40 knots when lightly fuelled & will plane on only one engine so you have 100% backup. Over the course of a day i usually work out that i have used around 1 Litre/NM of fuel. With 2 engines you have the option to turn one off and tootle around, saving fuel. They are both electric start with powered trim and tilt. The kill cord (or dead man's cord) are linked together so that one lanyard is worn that is connected to both engines. The hypalon tubes are in very good condition for their age, have no patches and don't leak, there are some signs of wear on the rear sponsons, where the cover rests on top and blows in the wind, i have tried to put cloths there to prevent this but they keep disappearing. There are 3 tubes in total. As mentioned briefly in the timeline, the deck was replaced professionally as the old one was rotten. A well was installed at the transom to catch any spray (or rain). This is then either drained via the non-return flap when moving along or via the bilge pump. There is hydraulic steering, that is light and smooth to turn. An electrical isolator switch is located in the rear seating to select which battery you run the electronics from, if selected to both then one running engine can charge both batteries, ideal should one of the batteries get low on power. The electronics include a Garmin GPS & Chartplotter (model 188C) with Charts of the Irish Sea & the Solent & Channel Islands, an Icom VHF radio, a compass, 2 x rev counters and 2 x fuel guages. The trailer is fitted with the flushing kit so a hose-lock can be attached to the back of the drum brakes for fresh water rinsing. A spare wheel, lighting board and straps are also included. Also included, are 2 sets of fresh water flushing muffs, with a 2 way diverter (though i have always preferred the use of buckets), a foot pump, some warp & flares that expired Dec '13 though were very well packaged and in great condition (if these arent wanted i will keep and dispose of with the Coastguard). As you can see from a picture, I have lots of the original paperwork. Bad Points:Last season the VHF screen clouded up, and upon further inspection i found the casing had cracked, i have tried to dry it out over the winter, but it will probably need replacing (its why it . The hull & engines all have some scratches, normal wear and tear and none of them affect performance. As I fitted the consoles and seating myself some of the Sikafexing (sealant) looks messy, but it is purely cosmetic.Bilge pump doesn't work, though i have a new one that will go with the boat.The cover is getting a little worn in places and some of the plastic clips have broken (still fully functional as shown in the pics). I would suggest the winner has the engines serviced (for their piece of mind), and if it doesn't sell I will complete the interim service myself, as demonstrated by the timeline. I am happy to recommend a dealer who can supply (via post) parts and a service kit for the engines. If it is sold for the 'Buy It Now' price, I will fill both the fuel tanks (84 litres fuel), a spare propeller, the remainder of any 2-stroke oil I have & deliver along the M4 as far east as Cardiff services. The winner (for the 'Buy It Now' Price) will also have the option of a jockey seat and back rest that was removed from the RIB prior to the the 2013 overhaul. Any further questions or to arrange a viewing please let me know.

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