Rib Boat 5.6m Project For Sale – 300.00

Filed in for sale by on March 23, 2016

Re-listed since previous winner was from Macedonia and failed to realise he could not import the boat.I have relisted this boat and excluded foreign purchasers please ensure you understand this is for collection Only. My son and I took this boat on as a project last year to do between us and hopefully end up with an excellent fun boat. we had planned to fit a new merc 115 4 stroke.This boat had been a local authority service boat for duties around the harbour but had been left in a storage warehouse for a number of years.We were told it had had new tubes fitted not long before it was laid up and this could be true since the tubes definitely looked newer than the boat and show no tears or holes but did look dirty and dusty from storage.We tested the tubes by blowing them up to full pressure and the pressure held consistently for weeks.The hull itself showed signs of damage (forklift rash among other things) and had several small repairs carried out to a poor standard (probably carried out whilst the boat was upright on a trailer). the damage was such that we thought we could not carry out the repairs properly without removing the tubes. (These have now been removed and wrapped up in a heavy cover for storage).The boat hull has now been fitted to a frame upside down so we could carry out the repairs properly.All repairs were carried out by a professional laminator (he has part of a team that laminated the tallest masts in the world for one of the worlds largest superyachts - so he knows laminate).Only West System Epoxy has been used to carry out the repairs to the hull ( at 5 times the price of normal ordinary resin ) but anyone who knows about repairing hulls will tell you all repairs should be done with "epoxy".The hull is now fully structurally repaired (all old repairs were completely cut out) and we were about to do a finishing coat on the hull either gel coat or international.The upper deck side and centre console of the boat are pretty good needing only minimum repairs and new plastic hatches etc. (this was to be stage two of our project) Due to other projects taking over (my son has now got a new house) the project must be passed on to someone else.we are selling the project on "as is", to include the separate hull and tubes and the stand we have made to hold the boat.I have also made a steel collapsible frame/trestle on castors to hold the boat the correct way up for its next stage of repair (this will be included if required). I suggest that you come to view the boat if you are further interested before bidding as I cannot accept returns since once the space has been freed up it will no longer be available. NOTE: the sale is primarily for the hull and separate tubes (which will need refitted to the boat) The picture of the boat on the hull is one of the first pictures we took just before we removed the tubes. Collection ONLY in person. I do not know the manufacturer and can find no makers identification marks.I have asked a local dive company owner if he could shed any light on it and he believes the boat is either a Humber or a copy of a Humber.It has a planing sole at the stern end of the boat which apparently greatly improves the planing characteristics of the boat.It has a vey substantial transom approx. 2" thick in sound condition that accepts a long shaft motor.For a Rib it is quite a wide boat and the deck and centre console are in excellent condition requiring little or no refurbishment.once the boat is turned the correct way up there is only a small amount of glass fibre repair (build up) to complete to the side tube flange on one side. (the area is only approx. 2 foot long by 3 inches wide and 1/4inch deep).This could not be done properly until the boat was put the correct way up, but is very minimal work. (99% of the laminating work is complete.) one picture shows the area of repair remaining along the edge from underneath. (see the bright area) hopefully you can make it out. It is only a small strip that will be easy once its turned the right way up.Also the other shot shows a closer pic of centre console that has working steering and Teleflex cable.

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