Quicksilver 380 Rib Sib Inflatable Boat For Sale – 0.99

Filed in for sale by on June 18, 2016

Welcome to my auction for my Quicksilver Sib which is in excellent condition. This has been a great asset and probably one of the best boat/engine combinations for something you can roll up and put in the back of the car or motorhome. We have owned this boat for a couple of years and have had much enjoyment from it. During the summer at home it lives on the trailer in order that we can use it at short notice and launch it quickly. As it has a Jockey seat, really comfortable for 2 people but can easily travel with 6 people and get on the plane in an instant. The trailer is heavy duty and is probably over engineered to carry this light Sib. However, again, this is something I purchased specifically for my package as I did not want to use a trailer where any weight was supported on the inflatable keel and the tubes just lie on the trailer boards perfectly. When we go away on holiday, the boat comes with us (like a pet really) and is rolled up and be placed in its travel bags. We used to leave the jokey seat home and use the two benches instead (takes up much less room) and the engine is used with its tiller handle. Two boats in one! Since I originally purchased the boat, I sold the old Mercury engine it came with and after a lot of searching, found a great condition Yamaha 25hp 2 stroke outboard. This is probably one of the best 25hp engines made, very responsive, starts easily and is bulletproof. It didn’t come with the tiller handle originally but I sourced a brand new tiller direct from Yamaha which cost an arm and a leg! I have also had the jockey seat recently professionally refurbished which cost almost £150. Included inside the jockey seat is a speaker system which has an auxiliary jack in order to plug in a phone or other device to play your music. It does also need a small 12v battery to run the small amp which is not included as the battery is dead. Should you be using the boat with the jockey seat or on the tiller, there is a kill cord for both which is an essential part of boat safety. The jockey seat has been wired with a kill cord button and so had the outboard itself. It is a simple operation to move from one system to the other. The boat is really responsive and the power to weight ratio is brilliant. I think this is probably the closest you can get to using a jet ski without having a jet ski, if you know what I mean. The boat does not lose any pressure from any of its tubes and does not have any repair patches. In the package I will also be including the following: Launching WheelsCollapsible outboard standRecent 25 litre fuel tank12 litre fuel tankAnchor with chain and ropeOutboard engine lockNew spare wheel for trailerTiller extension barFoot pumpEngine coverBag for bench seats and other boating essentialsBag for control cables when jockey seat not being used. The only reason I am selling this outfit is that I have purchased a larger RHIB. My wife did not like coming out on the sib as she usually had to sit on the tubes (we have 2 kids, 3 including me) and was losing interest as she wanted a seat. I have therefore purchased a larger boat which now has additional seating but this one will not fit in a bag :( As the boat has to go there is no reserve and bidding will start at 99p. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me. Good luck.

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