Powerboat Arancia Rnli Lifeboat Rib – Zapcat – Speedboat – Rescue Boat Rib For Sale – 6550.00

Filed in for sale by on May 13, 2015

If you have come on here specifically to buy an Arancia you'll know they are near impossible to find on the second hand market, as they are purely supplied to the RNLI and coastguard services. The approx new price ( ex Vat ) is Hull £6000 Engine £4000 Trailer £1000 This has only done 100hrs and is like new condition, very well looked after and not ragged stupid like most other boats in its class like zapcats in particular . The reason they demand such high prices are that they're hand made of military grade Hypalon not standard PVC as most boats of this class are made from. Having done my research I found that most if not all Arancia IRB ( inflatable rescue boats ) are still in service and will continue to serve for many many years. Hypalon is UV resistant and so much tougher than standard grade materials. This boat is a 2010 model as is the engine and has only seen approx 100 hours service, been very well maintained and spent most of its life in a barn. Designed to carry 6 people. It's designed for inshore rough surf conditions, look them up and see them in action on youtube, just type in IRB lifeboat Engine is the Mariner 30hp with bladder tank and stainless prop guard, starts first time and is very powerful. The power to weigh ratio is massif giving instant acceleration to mind blowing speeds. Hull is in near factory condition, no repairs and holds air perfectly. Comes with all life saving equipment including, knife, anchor and buoyancy aid. Trailer has massive sand tyres and is made for the boat, comes with tow hitch so can be towed by a car, its so light its hardly noticeable making ideal for single handed launching. I appreciate that this isn't a cheap boat but will last for at least another 20 years. If your in the market for a zapcat that's been raced to within an inch of its life this is a way better quality option that will last and I can guarantee you won't find another on the private market. Might consider swap for something interesting Do your research and you'll come back to buy it... :-)

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