New 2016 Luxury Rib Infanta 5.8m Or 5.2m Boat Only With Options For Sale – 8499.00

Filed in for sale by on October 24, 2016

INFANTA LUXURY RIB BOAT ONLY WITH OPTIONS A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO AQUIRE YOUR DREAM RIB AT A FRACTION OF THE RETAIL COST. BRAND NEW UK STOCK TO BE CONFIGURED WITH ENGINE AND TRAILER OF CHOICE OR BOAT ONLY. AVAILABLE BOATS : 5.2M (PIC 2) 2.3M BEAM, POWER WITH 60-130HP, HULL WEIGHT 230KG- £8499 5.8M(PIC1+3) 2.5M BEAM, POWER WITH 75-150HP,HULL WEIGHT 300KG-£10499 Options for new trailer: approximately £1000 basic for the 5.2m, £1600 for the 5.8m Options for new engine:allow £5k for 60hp up to £13k for 150hp. For more information please message me or sensible discussion only with martin on 07817425965.Sorry I do not wish to be offered 5k for boat on trailer with new outboard delivered to aberdeen cod! thanks LINK TO DEMO VIDEO OF 5.2M INFANTA: MORE DETAILED PICS :An as new/used 5.8 with 115hp motor and trailer is on ebay presently for £18k : INCLUSIVE OF DELIVERY MAINLAND UK, SHIPPING TO EUROPE EXTRA

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