Humber Attaque 5m Rib, Rib Boat, Speed Boat, Power Boat, Humber Rib For Sale – 1000.00

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Humber Attaque RIB 5m. Has been used as a safety boat. Now used as an adventure, power boat. Excellent and fast boat, perfect for wakeboarding, water skiing, tubing, fishing, diving, and a whole variety of marine adventures. We had it going over 30mph on the GPS. Big strong A Frame, with fog horns, nav lights, spotlight, and tow rope. Also place for taking two waterproof marine containers, see photos, one of which is included and contains a full first aid kit. The A frame was originally used for self righting equipment, which comes included. I have taken the gas tank and emergency pull cord off, but left the inflatable bag on the top of the A frame. This gives a good platform for strapping on a wakeboard, water skis, fishing roads etc. It also gives a perfect platform for diving and (attempting to) back flip off. Seats two on the center console with foot straps for heavy seas (from its earlier days as a lifeboat) and seats many more on the tubes. We have taken 7 no problems. Believed to be mid nineties. There is a built in large fuel tank under the center console but i did not use this. There is also a storage locker in the front of the console, which also contains the battery. The battery is in good condition and has been removed every winter. New teleflex steering, new steering wheel, gear box and cables fitted last year at a cost of £150. You can now turn the steering wheel with 1 finger it's so smooth. The engine is the reason I bought this boat. Its a Yamaha 60hp 3 cylinder autolube 2 stroke, electric start, electric tilt and trim. Mid nineties. One of the most reliable engines ever made if you ask around. No need to pre-mix oil, as its automatic. Its been serviced every year I have had it and the compression in each cylinder at the last service was 145psi which is excellent. It has never mist a beat and never let me down. From cold it takes 2 -3 starts with the key, every time. Even after it has been over wintered, it has never taken more than 3 starts. When warm, 1 start every time, see video. It had a basically brand new gear box last year at a cost of £600. It was used in a marine engineering school in Plymouth, to teach students and was only put out on the water for the first time ever last year in my ownership. The engine is power tilt and trim and it all works as it should. Please see video link. That day was the fist time I had it running this year, and it started, on old fuel, after 3 starts. Amazing engine. The trailer has been modified by me to perfectly fit the boat, meaning that it can be winched onto the trailer by one person, but its easier with 2, to line it all up. The main beam and axle beam are galvanized and the side arms which were added by me are painted with Tractol, a cold galvanizing paint. I have had no rust issues at all. Its been washed down with fresh water from the hose after every use. We have trailered it to Pembrokshire, North and South Devon and South Cornwall with no issues. It tows well, and I have found myself going 80mph on the motorway, when not concentrating. Never an problems with towing. Wheel bearings were changed last year and are fine. You will need your own lighting board. The tubes are very heavy duty hypalon. Much heavier duty than a pleasure craft, due to its history of being a lifeboat. Due to its age, they are not brand new looking, as you'd expect. There are 5 air inflation chambers for the tubes. One of them has never gone down. The other 4 have very slow leaks and need a few pumps every now and then. I used to give the 4 tubes a few pumps every couple of weeks over the summer season. This took a couple of minutes, with only 4 - 10 pumps needed per tube. If it was hot, they didn't need pumping. As its and older RIB there are no pressure release valves in the tube valves. The front tube reverse valve has malfunctioned, so you have to be quick getting the cap back on, but it works fine. The RIB comes with a lot of extras, see the photo. These are: iCom VHF Radio iCom DSC Emergency Locator Garmin GPS 76 Garmin Fishfinder 80 (I have not had this working) Anchor chain and rope Wheel clamp and box Spare wheel for trailer 33 liter and 25 liter fuel tanks Pump 2 life jackets Full first aid kit and one waterproof container (that the kit is in) Waterproof insulated dungarees Mens M size 3mm wet suit Wet suit boots Safety flare Box of accessories including fuel line, electric pump, fire blanket, spare bracket for aerials, other bits ans bobs Spare paint for the hull and frame Gas bottle and valve etc for self righting equipment. Straps for road travel 2 helmets that inflate to fully cushion head Manual for engine Other literature and more.... I have uploaded a video of the electrics working and the engine running, forward and reverse gears working, and the electric tilt and trim working. We have had some amazing adventures on this boat and are very sad to see it go, but have a new baby and it has to go. We did many 2 or 3 night camping trips on it, anchoring on remote bays and camping on remote beachs each night, some of them unaccessable by foot. Fishing for food in the day and cooking it on the fire in for dinner in the evening. We did loads of wakeboarding, wake surfing and tubing and had loads of fun diving and backflipping of the sturdy A frame. In South Cornwall and Devon exploring the estuary's and small creeks was great fun, finding to lovely riverside pubs for lunch. The boat is ready to go immediately and will be excellent fun for anyone this summer. Its been sensibly priced according to its age, condition, engine, and accessories. Viewings welcome. Contact Olly 07702 118786. Bidding to buy not to view. Any issues will be reported immediately to Ebay. Cash or confirmed bank transfer on collection.

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