Honda Honwave T40 Aluminium Deck 4m Sib Rib Inflatable Boat Mariner Outboard For Sale – 1750.00

Filed in for sale by on June 30, 2015

Honda Honwave 4m sib/rib inflatable boat with 25HP Marathon short shaft mariner outboard and trailer. This is a complete package ready to go to sea or lakes and rivers.Great for exploring the coastline, fishing or even water skiing..I have seen footage on youtube of people using the Honwave T40 with a 25 HP outboardwater skiing.This has the inflatable V hull which allows this boat to lift out of the water and plane with ease.If you want to open it up it really flies along and is a lot of fun...the balance of a very good lighter 2 stroke25hp engine and a great design make this possible.These boats are rated for up to force 8 winds (not that I would want to go out in that) and have 3 seperate air compartments so are very safe.These are rated to carry up to 7 people though I have only ever had 6 which was fine. The engine is the fantastic Marathon by mariner which is 2 stroke and therefore much lighter than a 4 stroke and is exceptionally clean due to the minimal use it has had.It starts on the first couple of pulls from cold.These outboards are commonly used in very hot climates and are exceptionally well designed as not to overheat( Not that it ever does and certainly not in England )They have a reputation for being very reliable and this one certainly is I always had this outfit stored inside in a storage site in Anglesey. Comes with road trailer with lightboard board ,spare trailer wheel, light anchor ,fuel tank and extremely comfortable seats ( home made but a pleasure to sit on) There boat has three patches which were put one 2 and 5 years ago respectively which do not leak at all.2 were caused by the original rollers on the trailer which I have subsequently replaced with EPDM covered flat lay boards..these spread the boats weight evenly and safely whilst towing.The third was a very small hole caused by a fishing hook..perfectly covered patch with no leak whatsover. I do have both the original Honwave carry bags so if you wished to carry the outfit in the back of a large estate car you could do.I have taken my young family out onto the sea in this and it is very safe indeed! I've only ever taken it out 2 or 3 times over the last few summers having owned it for 6 years ( a change in my health has caused this lack of usage which is the reason for selling.) Any questions please call Luke on 07912 066 777

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