Avon Supersport S3.45 Rib Yamaha 30hp Outboard Engine & Road Launch Boat Trailer For Sale – 0.99

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AVON Supersport s3.45 RIB YAMAHA 30hp Outboard Engine & Road Launch Boat Trailer Click this link to see the youtube view of this boat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzVfTaXoZ0o&feature=youtu.be The BoatFantastic little rib suitable for 5 adults (although it would obviously be a bit more sluggish if you put 5 of me in it cos I'm really fat)It's in really great condition.There are normal age related scuffs and the odd little chip in the gelcoat and the underside is slightly marked with age but it really is a good example and I can't imagine how a boat this age could be much better, you may disagree of course.The hull has lifting rings fitted so if you have davits on your boat you can use them.The boat comes with a custom made, fitted to order full cover made by Alan Robbinson at Performance Sails in Evesham. The EngineTough, economic reliable Yamaha 30hp 2-Stroke Autolube.It has a built in tank for 2-stroke oil and it mixes its self so no need to mess about working out ratios, just fill it up with fuel and oil and off you go.The engine was serviced 8 weeks ago by Bill Higham of bill Bill Higham Marine : http://www.billhigham.co.ukThe engine pumps water well and the tell tale runs freely when in the water under revs but obviously doesn't run as fast on muffs. The TrailerThe trailer was custom made by myself to a very high standard. It was designed and built to fit this boat perfectly with brand new indespention units, brand new keel rollers, brand new side rollers, brand new jockey wheel, brand new towing hitch, brand new wheels and tyres.It was galvanised locally.After galvanising I wasn't happy with the brackets for the plastic wheel arches so I modified the brackets and included some thick chequer plate steps so it's much easier to climb into the boat and people don't break the plastic arches my stepping on them.Obviously these brackets have been painted in silver hammerite so they look identical to the galvanised trailer. The whole packageIt's a lovely, manageable, safe, reliable, fun, RIB suitable for use as a tender on a large boat or as a fun, family, fishing, sport, diving RIB.It tows perfectly.It launches easily on the custom designed trailer.It is fast enough easily topping 25KTS with two adults.Solo it would probably hit 30KTS, don't believe all the rubbish on the internet about these doing 40kts plus, this is a good stock example and they fly along nicely at 22 to 25 its normally.We are only getting rid of this boat to free up some cash for other projects (we have another boat) but we aren't desperate for the cash so no silly offers. Before you go out to seaYou need life jackets and you need to make sure you know what you're doing but the boat, engine and trailer are fine and usable straight away.It has one small patch inside the front which was there when we bought the boat and has never given any trouble.You could use it that day you buy it. Having said that, all boat and watersports are potentially dangerous so if you are unsure about the operation of any part of the boat your should seek advice and instruction before using it. No liability can be accepted for damage to the boat or persons by incorrect usage or negligence on the part of the buyer. It is your responsibility to make sure you're happy with the condition of the boat and your own abilities before using it. I am only saying all that as a disclaimer, don't want anything coming back to bite me on the ass!But personally, I'd use this boat to go out on the Menai Straights with my kids tomorrow, but you need to make that judgement yourself. Any other issues????The only thing I can think of is that the plywood under one of the seats is a bit soft. I have replaced the wood under the drivers seat but the plywood under the passengers seat is a bit old and you might want to pull the staples out and staple in a new piece like I have done with the front seat. Final things..........1. Bid to buy not haggle.2. Viewing and inspection invited.3. Second hand item sold as seen, no returns.4. Cash on collection strongly preferred.5. Any questions please call 07519 608278 ;)6. Good boat, good engine and almost brand new trailer but please don't expect a boat in showroom condition, it's in really good condition but obviously not concourse!!!7. Remember to bring ratchet straps and a trailer board with some bungees to tow it home.8 Collection only although I may be able to deliver if you're not too far away and if you cover my time/fuel.

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