Avon Rib Speed Boat 140hp Johnson Outobard Engine For Sale – 1250.00

Filed in for sale by on October 11, 2016

Up for grabs is my AVON power boat, use to use it on the broads bu then engine is really a bit too big for going at 4mph! Have used it on Breydon water once which was great fun. Always flushed engine out after use and re oiled all the grease points as well at the steering system. All tubes hold air one of the side ones leaks very slowly....over a few weeks. Has an flooding floor to make it more stable in rough weather, 2x bilge pumps one of each floor. Stainless steel rear frame with nav lights. Steering cable is in good condition and smooth to operate. 1x 5 gallon fuel tank, battery goes under seat. Engine is a johnson 140hp. I have a manual for this and some spares, had a new stainless prop about 3 years ago and seen very little use since then i think its a 22" per rev one (mid range) could. Always flushed engine out after use runs well and had the gearbox oil changed when i did the prop. Located in Loddon (South Norfolk)

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